The underlying conversation that we are avoiding

It is unconstitutional for any political representative to impose mandates on our businesses and freedoms – I don’t care what new rules Inslee tries to push on our state, I will reject them wholeheartedly. He is not my governor, and he doesn’t get to decide everything. It is my body, and it is my choice as to whether or not I wear a mask or choose to vaccinate. I did my part and hunkered down for long enough.

It is time to throw this off our backs and move on. We had our emergency orders over a year ago, and we all did our part to help “slow the spread.” Now there is more than enough evidence that mask mandates and increased government control is not changing the numbers of reported covid-19 cases or deaths, but what is worse, so many polite people continue to follow what they are being told without questioning it.

The underlying conversation that we are avoiding needs to happen.

We need to talk about this one-on-one, in-person with neighbors, business groups, friends and families. We are being deceived by the greatest deceiver.  The media is reading from a script of lies – they literally say the same thing verbatim like a bunch of puppets. There is no end in sight for the overreach that is happening here, it is meant to destroy our country and bring about a world government that gives control to the rich elites who have planned all of this for years. They are printing and spending our tax money as stimulus packages to destroy the value of the US dollar, and the IMF is doing the same. Many Americans and business owners happily took the money, and many of us needed it, but now the government spending has become obscene.

I am unwilling to sit here and quietly wear a mask and avoid human contact anymore. It only allows all of this evil to continue and thrive. I am not going to go along to get along anymore.

As a business owner, a believer, and a follower of the constitution that is the important foundation of our great country, I am not going to quietly sit here and take the abuse from our rich career politicians and evil elite. I urge you all to reconsider your positions as we look into the next stage of business representation. It is the underlying piece that we are all avoiding in hopes that if we are polite and wait it out it will all go back to normal.

But that is not going to happen. We need to get real and have the difficult conversations now, before we don’t have any choices anymore at all. If things continue along this path, all we will be able to do is try to survive the impending collapse.  If you thought 2020 was bad, just wait until our dollar is worthless. I don’t know how long it will take, but at this rate, it could happen by the end of 2021.