Trump-hating articles at the Atlantic

I received a link to this article from my family email list about the “terrible legacy” that Trump left us over the last 4-years of his presidency:

This article is the most opinionated, non-factual cherry-picked article about President Trump that I have seen in a while. Which is hard to do considering the constant flood of anti-Trump media since he started running for president. I could spend a long time rebuking all these claims, including the biased “fact checker statements” from the Washington post. It makes me so angry to see this kind of treatment of a man who has worked so hard for America, and had to fight so much during his presidency. One day you will look back and see how hypocritical and wrong this was. I fear for our country due to the anti-Trump movement which was not really about him anyway. It was because he took a stand against the globalist agenda to tear apart our constitution and our country. And he had the power to actually mess up their plans. Every one of the moves he made can be explained with that in mind. And most of the anti-Trump movement was really just plain anti-American.

Let’s start with the claim that Trump is at fault for the Covid-19 deaths and the associated claim that his last year in office increased our national debt, it is a common talking point. Hum maybe that was because of the huge amount of money the federal government gave as emergency relief from the disease? Governors of each state chose how to deal with the pandemic, now 10 months into lockdowns, which resulted in economic disasters much worse than the actual virus. How many of the covid-death statistics were from people who have at least 2 other co-morbidities? What about the hospitals that get paid every time they claim a covid death? Isn’t that a motive for more profit? When we have updated statistics and compare the number of annual deaths that happened in 2020 to 2019 I bet there isn’t really a 250K increase.

How can you blame Trump for problems with people losing healthcare from Obama’s healthcare system? Under Obama, the rates were kept down until AFTER he left office, and then premiums exploded, he is the one to blame. Trump at least got rid of the horrible mandate, so people don’t have to pay for healthcare if they don’t have insurance. Makes sense to me.

I have already tried to show some good things that Trump has done, but of course you all hate him so much you can’t see it without throwing back some snide comments. He stopped the Pebble Mine in Alaska. “Oh, that was just because his son likes to trophy hunt there.” International peace was held during his presidency. “He is ruining democracy.”

What about the rise in employment for minorities during his presidency? What about the rise in middle class income? What about bringing home troops from the middle East that Obama promised and never did?

Did you know that Trump gave away every payment he was supposed to receive as president? He took $1 per paycheck only. He donated it back to various departments that are normally funded by tax dollars. He didn’t need the money because he as already a millionaire. I know that his haters say he found ways to make money off his presidency anyway, again you can tweek anything if you are a good enough writer or reporter. But when he is accused of not paying taxes, I think this is an important point to make.

I have to work 7 days a week to keep up with a schedule that should be done within 5 days a week, thanks to the closures that keep TigerLily at home from school. I don’t have time to write email after email responding to these blasts, defending all things that President Trump has done right, despite the huge amount of money thrown into “resisting” his presidency. I am resisting them now.

Why do you think that at least 75 Million US Citizens voted for his re-election? I know when I am being lied to. And I am not alone. We agree with his America-first policies and want our taxes to support our citizens and our small businesses who really need it. Not taking our money and spending it globally with no return except for the large corporation owners who profit off of outsourced, polluted production overseas.

I have looked closely at all the information and the situation we are in now is really bad for our country, and it affects the whole world.

But instead of re-examining the important reasons for Trump’s policy choices, we get media who go out and compare the number of golf trips Trump took compared to Obama. We get years of Russia investigations, impeachment hearings, and lawsuits, that wasted everyone’s time and tax dollars. How much did all that cost the tax-payers in our country?

It is bad enough that this type of one-sided messaging is coming from the media, censoring other information constantly, but I expect more from my smart family than to blindly follow this rhetoric.