The underlying conversation that we are avoiding

It is unconstitutional for any political representative to impose mandates on our businesses and freedoms – I don’t care what new rules Inslee tries to push on our state, I will reject them wholeheartedly. He is not my governor, and he doesn’t get to decide everything. It is my body, and it is my choice as to whether or not I wear a mask or choose to vaccinate. I did my part and hunkered down for long enough.

It is time to throw this off our backs and move on. We had our emergency orders over a year ago, and we all did our part to help “slow the spread.” Now there is more than enough evidence that mask mandates and increased government control is not changing the numbers of reported covid-19 cases or deaths, but what is worse, so many polite people continue to follow what they are being told without questioning it.

The underlying conversation that we are avoiding needs to happen.

We need to talk about this one-on-one, in-person with neighbors, business groups, friends and families. We are being deceived by the greatest deceiver.  The media is reading from a script of lies – they literally say the same thing verbatim like a bunch of puppets. There is no end in sight for the overreach that is happening here, it is meant to destroy our country and bring about a world government that gives control to the rich elites who have planned all of this for years. They are printing and spending our tax money as stimulus packages to destroy the value of the US dollar, and the IMF is doing the same. Many Americans and business owners happily took the money, and many of us needed it, but now the government spending has become obscene.

I am unwilling to sit here and quietly wear a mask and avoid human contact anymore. It only allows all of this evil to continue and thrive. I am not going to go along to get along anymore.

As a business owner, a believer, and a follower of the constitution that is the important foundation of our great country, I am not going to quietly sit here and take the abuse from our rich career politicians and evil elite. I urge you all to reconsider your positions as we look into the next stage of business representation. It is the underlying piece that we are all avoiding in hopes that if we are polite and wait it out it will all go back to normal.

But that is not going to happen. We need to get real and have the difficult conversations now, before we don’t have any choices anymore at all. If things continue along this path, all we will be able to do is try to survive the impending collapse.  If you thought 2020 was bad, just wait until our dollar is worthless. I don’t know how long it will take, but at this rate, it could happen by the end of 2021.


Trump-hating articles at the Atlantic

I received a link to this article from my family email list about the “terrible legacy” that Trump left us over the last 4-years of his presidency:

This article is the most opinionated, non-factual cherry-picked article about President Trump that I have seen in a while. Which is hard to do considering the constant flood of anti-Trump media since he started running for president. I could spend a long time rebuking all these claims, including the biased “fact checker statements” from the Washington post. It makes me so angry to see this kind of treatment of a man who has worked so hard for America, and had to fight so much during his presidency. One day you will look back and see how hypocritical and wrong this was. I fear for our country due to the anti-Trump movement which was not really about him anyway. It was because he took a stand against the globalist agenda to tear apart our constitution and our country. And he had the power to actually mess up their plans. Every one of the moves he made can be explained with that in mind. And most of the anti-Trump movement was really just plain anti-American.

Let’s start with the claim that Trump is at fault for the Covid-19 deaths and the associated claim that his last year in office increased our national debt, it is a common talking point. Hum maybe that was because of the huge amount of money the federal government gave as emergency relief from the disease? Governors of each state chose how to deal with the pandemic, now 10 months into lockdowns, which resulted in economic disasters much worse than the actual virus. How many of the covid-death statistics were from people who have at least 2 other co-morbidities? What about the hospitals that get paid every time they claim a covid death? Isn’t that a motive for more profit? When we have updated statistics and compare the number of annual deaths that happened in 2020 to 2019 I bet there isn’t really a 250K increase.

How can you blame Trump for problems with people losing healthcare from Obama’s healthcare system? Under Obama, the rates were kept down until AFTER he left office, and then premiums exploded, he is the one to blame. Trump at least got rid of the horrible mandate, so people don’t have to pay for healthcare if they don’t have insurance. Makes sense to me.

I have already tried to show some good things that Trump has done, but of course you all hate him so much you can’t see it without throwing back some snide comments. He stopped the Pebble Mine in Alaska. “Oh, that was just because his son likes to trophy hunt there.” International peace was held during his presidency. “He is ruining democracy.”

What about the rise in employment for minorities during his presidency? What about the rise in middle class income? What about bringing home troops from the middle East that Obama promised and never did?

Did you know that Trump gave away every payment he was supposed to receive as president? He took $1 per paycheck only. He donated it back to various departments that are normally funded by tax dollars. He didn’t need the money because he as already a millionaire. I know that his haters say he found ways to make money off his presidency anyway, again you can tweek anything if you are a good enough writer or reporter. But when he is accused of not paying taxes, I think this is an important point to make.

I have to work 7 days a week to keep up with a schedule that should be done within 5 days a week, thanks to the closures that keep TigerLily at home from school. I don’t have time to write email after email responding to these blasts, defending all things that President Trump has done right, despite the huge amount of money thrown into “resisting” his presidency. I am resisting them now.

Why do you think that at least 75 Million US Citizens voted for his re-election? I know when I am being lied to. And I am not alone. We agree with his America-first policies and want our taxes to support our citizens and our small businesses who really need it. Not taking our money and spending it globally with no return except for the large corporation owners who profit off of outsourced, polluted production overseas.

I have looked closely at all the information and the situation we are in now is really bad for our country, and it affects the whole world.

But instead of re-examining the important reasons for Trump’s policy choices, we get media who go out and compare the number of golf trips Trump took compared to Obama. We get years of Russia investigations, impeachment hearings, and lawsuits, that wasted everyone’s time and tax dollars. How much did all that cost the tax-payers in our country?

It is bad enough that this type of one-sided messaging is coming from the media, censoring other information constantly, but I expect more from my smart family than to blindly follow this rhetoric.


Why we need to stop the lock-downs now.

While our state locks down small businesses, restaurants, schools, gyms and more for our “protection,” I do not see a good reason for this. The disease is just not lethal enough to justify the closures, which are more dangerous. (See the orders from our state that came in my email today.)

What I do see is a situation where the government is taking control of people instead of the other way around. We have already worn masks and stayed home for 10 months now. Will continuing with this tactic, and tightening it down make any difference in the spread of a virus? It hasn’t stopped it so far. But it has already had a devastating effect on our lives, and it will get worse.

So I did some more research on the covid “surge” and am very concerned about the way the data is being reported vs how it actually looks when you run the numbers. Even more concerning are the governor’s tactics for “protecting” the citizens here in Washington state.

When the media compounds the number and hypes it up to say the situation is critical, it appears scary, but the real data says otherwise.

I took some time to do my own research and this is what I’ve found:

Across the state, and the country, there are lots of people getting tested and are positive for covid-19. The State of Washington has 7.5 Million people. Since March, there have been 2,795,736 people tested in WA, showing 131,532 have been positive. Sounds scary, right? But that actually means that 1.75% of the people in WA have tested positive for covid-19 over the course of 10 months. Not so scary when you phrase it that way. Of course there could be people who never had symptoms and were never tested, and there could be some test irregularities. But a contagion rate this low is not worth the debate.

It has not proven to be a statistically high-fatality virus. In the last 10 months, a total of 2548 people have died of covid-19 in WA. If you take the number of people who tested positive for covid and then died, the mortality rate is 1.937% And from a statewide perspective, your chance of dying from covid is 0.039%.

On top of that, 1354 of those deaths were elderly people in Long Term Care (LTC) facilities. 53% of the total state covid fatalities are from people who are close to the end of their lives anyway. And even in those LTC facilities, only 15.4% of those elderly people who tested positive for covid, actually died from it.

If you remove the death count of the LTC facilities, the total number of covid-19 deaths in WA lowers to 1,194. Then the chance of someone (who is not an LTC patient) dying if infected with covid lowers to 0.972%


When compared to the top 10 causes of mortality in WA state over the last 10 years, notice that Flu and Pneumonia have previously had mortality rates of over 10% historically*. (Source: WA DOH)

*In this case, there are no infected numbers to determine how lethal the flu is based on the number of people who contracted it, like I used for the covid numbers. It appears they use an “age-adjusted rate per 100,000” that I dont have the calculations for.

To compare apples-to-apples, the 2018 statistics from WA show that 1037 people died from the flu/pneumonia that year, compared to the population of 7,310,300 it shows that your chance of dying of the flu was 0.014%. Compare that same math to covid in 2020, and your chance of dying from covid is 0.039%. It is higher, but still less than 1% of the population dies from either ailment.

We are being told that the hospitals are overrun to justify more mandates

…and yet there are only 586 people currently hospitalized for Covid in the entire state! (See below.)

Source: as of 11/18/20

A bigger problem is all the people who were not allowed to get medical care for OTHER ailments when hospitals closed down for covid, and once they opened back up, they were backlogged with medical needs.

“In the spring, some states ordered that most elective surgeries come to a halt so that hospitals had room for COVID-19 patients, but Litvak says this leads to all kinds of collateral damage because patients don’t get the care they need and hospitals lose money and lay off staff.” (Source NPR)

Hospitals are considering anything over 10% capacity to mean “overrun.”

“Though there’s not a fixed threshold that applies to all hospitals, generally speaking, once COVID-19 hospitalizations exceed 10% of all available beds, that signals an increasing risk that the health care system could soon be overwhelmed, explains Sauer.” (Source NPR)

More cases do not mean more deaths

The media is using skewed data to make headlines and to scare the public into accepting more lock downs. While the media is reporting “surges” in cases, they fail to mention the low percentage of deaths. Additionally, now that we have more access to testing, thousands more tests are being done each month, so there are going to be more positive cases.

Compare month-to-month and you can see that more tests are being done, which yield more positive cases, but the death rate is decreasing. For example, as of today, Nov. 20, there have been 9,320 more cases than occurred in October, but 16 less deaths.

The highest number of deaths was in April (539), May (317) and August (341), but other than that, the monthly deaths have stayed around 240 per month. (Source:

To put it in perspective, according to WA statistics report from 2015, an average of 4,743 people die on a monthly basis. Significant reasons for death include: 23.2% from malignant neoplasms, 20.2% from heart disease, 6.4% from Alzheimer’s disease, 5.8% from unintended accidents, and 1.6% from the flu or pneumonia.

What about the effects that masks, isolation and shutdowns have on society?

“The psychological effects of social isolation can affect your immune system. The culprits are loneliness and stress. Research shows that our anti-viral response is suppressed when we feel lonely. An analysis of 148 different studies involving more than 300,000 people found that people who were more socially connected were 50 percent less likely to die over a given period. One experiment even found that people with many social ties are less susceptible to the common cold. ” (Source Medical-MIT)

The effects on children are even worse than adults. 91% of the world’s children are out of school.

“The global economic downturn caused by the COVID-19 crisis, including massive global job losses, is likely to increase rates of child labor and child marriage. Globally, an estimated 152 million children were already engaged in child labor before the COVID-19 pandemic, with 73 million engaged in hazardous work. Research has shown that child labor is highly associated with financial shocks experienced by a family, such as illness, disability, or a parent’s loss of employment.

The COVID-19 crisis also heightens the risk of online child sexual exploitation. Europol has reported that law enforcement partners are reporting “increased online activity by those seeking child abuse material,” as a result of COVID-19.” (Source Human Rights Watch)

On top of that are the effects on our economy.

It is just shocking that we are allowing this kind of destruction of our infrastructure and businesses to happen. I have personally watched many small businesses struggle to stay afloat over the last 10 months. Unfortunately this next shut down will be the final nail in their coffins – not from covid death, but the death of their livelihood using covid as a justification. We can pour money into training and technology, PPP and put off payments, but it wont make anything better unless the natural amount of commerce is allowed to flow freely again… and then allowed time to recover.

What about the regular safety net, or special programs needed to support our citizens AFTER covid-19?

More and more people are relying on government funded programs to pay their bills. It is completely unsustainable. Government programs including schools, universities, unemployment, and wellfare rely on our tax dollars, but without successful businesses and employees to pay taxes, there will be nothing left to fund the government. It is just a matter of time before personal savings run out, inflation grows beyond our means, supply shortages get worse, and state governments are unable to use emergency federal funds that they have already exhausted.

Mandates to avoid covid-19 exposure risks do not outweigh the dangerous effects they create

I am not going to sit by quietly and take it anymore. You should not either. Do not buy into the fear mongering that is taking over our country and much of the world. Fear lies in the dark, but bravery can bring the truth to light. I am standing on the side of the light. Please let me pull you out of the darkness. We need to put a stop to this now.